Did Mitt Romney lose the election?

Bloomberg's Josh Barro says Romney's comments at a private fundraiser might have sounded the death knell for his campaign.

Romney and the entitlement society
The National Review's Patrick Brennan says Mitt Romney's comments might have been politically ill-phrased, but "they're not entirely detached from reality."

Super-PAC bets on Romney in Michigan, Wisconsin
Restore Our Future, the committee supporting the Republican nominee, is purchasing ad time in both Upper Midwestern states, The Caucus's Sarah Wheaton reports.

Romney denies meeting with controversial immigration adviser
The candidate denied having met personally with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the architect of tough immigration laws in Alabama and Arizona, Political Ticker's Dana Davidsen reports.


Romney: 47 percent depend on government

The Republican presidential candidate added that his job is "not to worry about those people," who will vote for the president, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.

Hispanic Dems: Romney 'extreme' on immigration
Leading Hispanic lawmakers labeled the presidential candidate outside the mainstream as he looked to make a push for Latino voters, The Hill's Mike Lillis reports.