Why Romney is losing?

The American Conservative’s W. James Antle lll writes about how Gallup polls are showing that Romney is losing the race.

Paul Ryan budget cuts Medicare to fund tax cuts

Daily Kos’ Joan McCarter argues that Paul Ryan’s budget plan causes seniors to have access to fewer Medicare benefits.

Fiasco: 15 days later, FBI still can’t gain access to Benghazi consulate

Hot Air’s lead blogger Allahpundit addresses how this issue may become a “major scandal” for the Obama administration.

The 200-day club.

Slate’s Doug Kendall writes about how the federal bench is being obstructed by Senate Republicans.

Other News Sources:

Israeli leader highlights red lines.

Prime Minister Netanyahu raised pressure on President Obama by drawing a red line on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, The Hill’s Julian Pecquet reports.

Soros donates $1M to pro-Obama super-PAC

Priorities USA, the Obama super-Pac has received money from the liberal billionaire George Soros, according to The Hill’s Cameron Joseph.