The bias of Bob Schieffer: Top 7 moments

Michelle Malkin believes debate moderator Bob Schieffer is biased, and wonders whether he can control it during the pivotal showdown.

How your job (and your wage) predicts your vote
The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson analyzes America’s industries, finding "hands-on" sectors are most likely to skew Republican.

Nate Silver’s flawed model
The National Review’s Josh Jordan examines the New York Times number cruncher, and finds reason for skepticism.

Dear undecided voter: Do you exist?
Slate’s John Dickerson writes a letter to the hypothetical American.


Obama energy team circulates memo to greens on climate

President Obama’s campaign try to dampen criticism about the time the president has spent on global warming during the 2012 presidential race, The Hill’s Ben Geman reports.

Despite absence, Jesse Jackson Jr. holds big lead in House race
As Rep. Jackson takes a leave of absence to deal with bipolar disorder, he is still strongly favored for reelection, The Hill’s Justin Sink reports.