Detroit News: Thanks for those auto bailouts, but … we pick Mitt

On, Erika Johnson writes that President Obama’s auto bailouts were not enough to distract Michigan voters from “persistently poor economics."

Charts: Women are backing Obama by the binderful

Dave Gilson of Mother Jones suggests that the gender gap in the 2012 presidential race has been caused by the GOP’s staunchly conservative views on women's rights.

Education: Just throw more money at it!

Despite the fact that his own record has not done much to improve America’s education system, President Obama repeatedly tried to focus on education during the last presidential debate, Breeanne Howe explains on RedState.

Problems keep cropping up with Maricopa misinformation

As David Neiwert from Crooks and Liars reports, the elections office of Maricopa County in Arizona, once again, misinformed local voters regarding registration.

CEOs band together for $40 million campaign to urge action on deficit

According to The Hill’s Peter Schroeder, dozens of American CEOs are encouraging lawmakers toward swift bipartisan action on an agreement on the fiscal cliff and the deficit.

Police investigating Rep. Moran’s son over possible voter fraud

The Hill's Mike Lillis reports that Arlington County, Va., police have begun to investigate the son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) over the recent voter-fraud controversy.