Mitt rewrites auto history
Romney attacks President Obama’s rescue of the auto industry in an attempt to win Ohio, says Jared Bernstein of Salon.

The anti-abortion vote and federalism
According to Michael Brendan Doherty of The American Conservative, despite pro-lifers' energy for the GOP ticket this election, seeing Roe v. Wade overturned is highly unlikely even if Mitt Romney does win.

Romney campaign staged donations at storm relief event
At a rally-turned-storm-relief event in Dayton, Ohio, the Romney campaign bought $5,000 worth of supplies at Wal-Mart and gave them to supporters to give to Mitt Romney for the cameras, says Aviva Shen of Think Progress.

Leno: DADT is back — it’s 'Obama’s new policy for questions on Libya'
With seven weeks having passed since the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, the White House’s lips are still sealed about the events leading up to that day, says Hot Air’s Erike Johnsen.


White House shoots down rumors it nixed Benghazi intervention
The White House goes on the defensive after Newt Gingrich accuses it of giving orders not to rescue those in the consulate once it came under attack, reports The Hill’s Julian Pecquet.

Rep. Markey says ‘super-storm’ Sandy shows climate change ‘at our doorstep’
According to Rep. Markey, Sandy is only the beginning of extreme weather patterns to happen in the United States if climate change is not addressed, reports The Hill’s Pete Kasperowicz.