Taxpayers stuck with another bill?
Breitbart's Sydney Williams says taxpayers are facing a massive new housing tab.

Obama puppet Mohammed Morsi is not working out
Red State's Moe Lane says Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is failing to do his job.

Washington needs Joe Biden
Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald argues that Joe Biden is the only senior official willing to dissent from the foreign policy consensus.

If the budget debate had a Nate Silver
The Huffington Post's Dean Baker says that neither party wants to acknowledge that deficits were relatively modest until the economy tanked in 2008.


White House: Raising taxes would cut $200B from economy
The White House released a report Monday saying that not extending tax cuts for the middle class would reduce consumer spending by $200 billion, reports Justin Sink.

Halvorson to run for Jackson seat
Former Rep. Debbie Halvorson is running to replace the seat left empty by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in the upcoming Illinois special election, reports Alexander Jaffe.