Top ten reasons to oppose Susan Rice

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak gives his opinion on why people should oppose U.N. Ambassador Rice's potential appointment as Secretary of State.

Mitt Romney: Truly the 47-percent man
Mother Jones’ David Corn compares Mitt Romney’s 47-percent comments with his overall popular vote in the presidential race.

Grape growers can now sue the USDA
Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen explains why this small capability by grape growers actually highlights the problems with farming industries and government bodies.

The Republican party’s image problem – and how to fix it

The Atlantic’s Charlie Cook shows how the GOP’s image is in crisis and how it is affecting the party.


Obama quietly signs bill shielding airlines from carbon fees in Europe
President Obama has signed into law that U.S. airlines be excluded from European carbon emission fees, reports The Hill’s Keith Laing.

Reid: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ deal must raise debt ceiling
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) has signaled that President Obama also feels that the debt ceiling must be raised to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” reports The Hill’s Alexander Bolton.