Falling back to the debt ceiling
According to Hot Air’s Ed Morissey, the media has been optimistic about an agreement between Democrats and Republicans on the "fiscal cliff," but why?

Will a 'fiscal cliff' agreement include Medicare and Medicaid?
Huffington Post’s Linda Bergthold says the restructuring of the Medicare and Medicaid was inevitable.

Christmas for Obama bundlers
The Obama administration is considering some of its wealthiest political contributors for appointments, according to Michelle Malkin.

Renegade Democrats keep NY state Senate in GOP hands
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been trying to stay neutral during a time where his party and state need a strong and distinct Democrat, writes The Daily Kos.


Study: Healthcare law’s insurance tax will raise premium costs
Because of a new tax in President Obama’s healthcare law, the cost of insurance premiums could increase by thousands of dollars, reports The Hill’s Sam Baker.

Warren asks for help to retire debt
Elizabeth Warren sent an email to her supporters asking for more money after she incurred some “last minute” campaign fund debt, reports The Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe.