The 'Jewish Lobby' quote that could hurt Hagel
Atlantic Wire's J.K. Trotter examines
the Defense Secretary candidate's past comments on Israel, including a newly resurfaced quote on the "Jewish lobby," and their possible effect on his nomination.

The real problem with Chained CPI
The Ticker's Josh Barro says
the White House's concession on chained CPI is actually a benifit-cutting measure "masquerading as a technical change"

The public relations advantage of 'Plan B'
The Corner's Eliana Johnson says
Speaker John Boehner's proposal is designed to give Democrats a taste of their own medicine

Newtown teaches us to discount early media reports
Reuters' Jack Shafer says
one of lessons of the tragic shooting is that many of the early reports at times of tragedy do not pan out


NRA 'shocked, saddened' by Newtown massacre
The group promised ' to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again,' The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports

Justice Dept. will not charge Paula Broadwell
The government will not proceed with cyberstalking charges against the mistress and biographer of former CIA Director David Petraeus, The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports