Robert Bork and the contingencies of history
The death of Robert Bork reminds us how much constitutional doctrine is directed by the course of history, argues Jack Balkin at Balkinazation.

Direct negotiations with terrorists?

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo argues that the White House suspects House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) can't deliver any type of deficit-reduction deal.

Speaking ill of the dead

At The American Prospect, Paul Waldman asks what you say when a public figure you find "repellent" dies.

Truth in advertising

Michael Walsh, writing at The Corner, highlights a billboard sign in Beverly Hills.


Senators: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ a ‘dangerous’ mix of fact, fiction
A trio of senators challenged the truthfulness of the movie "Zero Dark Thirty," report The Hill's Carlo Muñoz and Jeremy Herb.

Boehner scrambles for votes on 'Plan B'
Boehner scrambled for enough votes to pass his backup deficit-reduction plan, according to The Hill's Russell Berman.