The GOP's Sandy problem
Daily Comment's Alex Koppleman argues
that Republican opposition to the hurricane relief bill centers around characterizing necessary foresight as "pork."

Did conservatives lose the culture war?
The Week's Matt K. Lewis says
conservatives must reconcile what appears to be an alarming loss on major cultural issues.

Joe Biden works the room
Talking Points Memo compiles
a master cut of the vice president at the Senate swearing-in ceremony.

Can Obama be trusted on amnesty?
National Review's Mark Kirkorian argues
the Obama administration's "contempt for law" suggests an amnesty compromise should not be trusted.


Failed coup effort against Boehner highlights House GOP divisions
The afternoon's tense vote underscored the divisions within the Republican Conference, The Hill's congressional team reports.

Google dodges antitrust lawsuit
The search engine giant agreed to a settlement with the FTC over fair-competition charges, The Hill's Brendan Sasso reports.