The neocons' fight over Chuck Hagel
Cato's Christopher Preble argues
that the confirmation of Hagel could represent a breaking point for neoconservatives' grip on the Republican Party

Obama dares GOP to kill the hostage
Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait says
that it appears protracted negotiations over a grand debt deal have finally come to a head

Entitlement era winding down?
National Review's Michael Barone contemplates
what could be next for the American economy

Obama debt-ceiling strategy hinges on GOP sanity
Salon's Robert Reich says
the president is gambling by assuming that Republicans will bow to public pressure


Geithner: US could default by mid-February
In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other leaders, Geithner urged lawmakers to raise the $16.4 trillion limit quickly, The Hill's Erik Wasson reports

Polls show voters favor broad range of new gun measures
Americans support a variety of options, including background checks, an assault-weapon ban and placement of armed police in schools, The Hill's Justin Sink reports