Our boots have been on the ground
Former Sgt. Kayla Williams explains in Slate how the recent repeal of the combat ban on female soldiers is long overdue and already in play.

The dangers of management failure in national security
Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin sees Secretary Clinton’s testimony as a signal of her diplomatic disorganization, and perhaps a more nefarious campaign of misinformation.

Can Democrats win Texas? Is the GOP toast?
The American Conservative’s Wick Allison examines how Texas’s potential change to a blue state could entirely reshape the Electoral College race.

The more Republicans know about politics, the more they believe in conspiracy theories
Mother Jones’s Chris Mooney takes a look at the relationship between political knowledge and conspiracy belief for both parties.


Feinstein introduces sweeping ban on military-style weapons
Sen. Feinstein details a controversial new bill involving assault weapons, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports.

Obama pushes Senate to confirm Wall Street ‘cops on the beat’
The president highlights his pick to head the SEC, and no immediate obstacles to her nomination appear on the horizon, The Hill's Peter Schroeder reports.