Enough with stories about who's fat
Howard Kurtz writes for CNN
about the problematic media trend of focusing more on a public figure's weight than their actual policies.

The pro-life advantage
Slate's William Saletan describes
the political advantage of anti-abortion-rights groups nationwide, and what the opposition must do to mobilize its own base.

The second-term curse
Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin says
President Obama's mistakes are just now catching up to him.

They all look the same!
Marin Cogan of The New Republic shares
her trouble with telling members of Congress apart, and tricks she's learned along the way to make sorting through the faces a little easier.


Catholic Bishops oppose revisions to contraception mandate
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops remains opposed to the contraception mandate required by the Obama administration, The Hill's Sam Baker reports.

CIA nominee defends drones
Current counterterrorism chief John Brennan explained the pros of the administration's use of drones, The Hill's Carlo Muñoz reports.