Blasphemy! The unchurched in America are Democrats

Bill Schneider examines for the Huffington Post the rising numbers of Americans who consider themselves nonreligious, and the shift of the Republican Party as the home for religious citizens.

Gun control and the Constitution

WSJ's David Rivkin and Andrew Grossman bring in the Supreme Court's continued protection of the First Amendment as a sign of their supposed treatment of the Second.

If Republicans bend on the sequester, they don't deserve our support

Forbes's Paul Roderick Gregory challenges Republicans to take a hard line and promote important sequester cuts.

Don't worry, kids. ObamaCare is a good deal.
Ezra Klein of Wonkblog explains that, despite concerns that ObamaCare hurts young Americans, it actually provides widespread protection for younger citizens.


Lawmaker invites Ted Nugent to Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday
Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) has invited Ted Nugent, a musician and gun-rights supporter, to President Obama's annual speech, The Hill's Judy Kurtz reports.

Hill Poll: Voters: Obama no better than Bush on securities vs. civil liberties
In terms of balancing national security and individual liberties, a majority of poll respondents say President Obama has done a worse or similar job as the former president, The Hill's Lara Seligman reports.