Graham's Clear Path
National Review's Katrina Trinko notes that despite continually angering many members of the South Carolina Tea Party, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham will likely win reelection.

The right's war on renewable energy could doom red states
Salon's Brad Jacobson worries that the financial opportunities in the clean-energy sector won't be able to find a home in red states with prohibitive laws to alternative energy development.

Rand Paul's SOTU response: Key to the Tea Party's future?
Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics details how Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) response comes at a pivotal moment in the future of the fledgling party.

Two roads diverge
William Galston predicts for the New Republic that the looming budget fight will determine the eventual evolution of the Republican Party.


Executive action is expected on climate

The president's second term is expected to include a major push for climate change legislation, The Hill's Ben Geman reports.

Panel to vote Thursday on Brennan
The Senate Select Intelligence Committee will make a decision Thursday on the approval of John Brennan as the nation's top spy, The Hill's Carlo Muñoz reports.