One study explains why it's tough to pass liberal laws

Wonkblog's Dylan Matthews elaborates on a new study that indicates there is a "systematic bias" against liberal legislation and policies, particularly on the state-level.

Sequester in a 'word cloud'
Dorian De Wind of The Moderate Voice examines the words most Americans are using to describe the budget cuts, and the results aren't looking good.

The bin Laden Raid and Obama's CIA nominee
The Weekly Standard's Thomas Joscelyn writes on John Brennan's role in the bin Laden raid.

Empathy for the devil

Political Animal's Ed Kilgore wonders if Mark Sanford really has learned anything from his post-gubernatorial time of introspection.


Obama to deliver US Naval Academy graduation speech
The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports that the president will give the keynote address at graduation this May.

White House mocks North Korean regime for hosting Dennis Rodman visit
Press secretary Jay Carney calls on the regime to focus less on basketball stars, more on the well-being of its people, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.