House Republicans accuse SEC of delaying JOBS Act rollout
A group of top House Republicans is accusing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of slow-walking implementation a law aimed at helping small startups raise capital, Peter Schroeder of The Hill reports.


Venezuela's "resource curse" will outlive Hugo Chavez
John Cassidy of The New Yorker discusses Venezuela's potential conflicts over their immense oil reserves.

Sex ed without condoms?

The Atlantic's Andy Kospa reports on a new bill that forbids contraception demonstrations in the classroom in the state with America's highest rates of teen childbirth and young-adult HIV.

Tom CoburnTom Coburn-trillion debt puts US fiscal house on very shaky ground Al Franken: 'I make fun of the people who deserved it' The more complex the tax code, the more the wealthy benefit MORE's campaign against government waste 
Margret Carlson of Bloomberg discusses Tom Coburn and the Government Accountability Office's love for saving money.

The conservative case against more prisons
Higher incarceration rates aren't making us safer — and there are better, smaller-government alternatives, argue Vikrant P. Redding and Marc A. Levin of the American Conservative.