Paul Ryan: The GOP plan to balance the budget by 2023
Rep. Paul Ryan in The Wall Street Journal says the goal can be reached, with no new taxes, while increasing spending by 3.4 percent annually instead of the current 5 percent.

The end of a two-state solution
Why the New Republic's Ben Birnbaum thinks the window is closing on Middle East peace.

Lawmakers dismiss China’s denials over cyberattacks
Ryan Knowlton of The Caucus reports that the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Sunday that the situation was “as bad as I’ve ever seen it and exponentially getting worse.”

What if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling?
Matthew Yglesias of Slate says if the government doesn’t pay its bills on time, a 7 percent drop in GDP will be just the start of our problems.


Website claims to have hacked first lady’s financial records
The FBI and Secret Service are investigating a website that says it has hacked the first lady’s personal and financial information, The Hill's Jonathon Easley and Brendan Sasso report.

Senate Democrats pepper Obama with questions on entitlements
Liberal Democrats challenged President Obama on Tuesday over his willingness to cut Social Security benefits, The Hill's Justin Sink and Ben Geman report.