Barack Obama’s great deception on ObamaCare premiums
Conservative Hideout's blogger Don says that Obama's promises on healthcare were nothing more than a "best guess."

Reason’s rebuttal to Jim Carrey: It takes a talking ass
Hot Air's Ed Morrissey is annoyed with Jim Carrey's comments on gun owners, and with opinionated celebrities in general.

Tracking Pope Francis
BagNews' Michael Shaw wonders why the candid photo of Pope Francis on the subway hasn't been circulated yet.

Report: Right-wing extremists ‘highly engaged’ with GOP on Twitter
Little Green Footballs' Charlie Johnson discusses a recent report finding similarities between the content of tweets by white nationalists and tweets by the conservative movement and Republican Party.


Pentagon cuts back furlough days for civilian workforce
The Hill's Jeremy Herb reports on the Pentagon's reduction of furlough days from 22 days down to 14 days for civilian employees.  

Obama’s gay marriage legacy
The Hill's Amie Parnes reports that despite Obama's light handed approach to gay marriage, he is still considered a trendsetter on the issue by gay rights groups.