Rubio's immigration cowardice
The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky suggests that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is keeping his options open when it comes to immigration reform to ensure his own presidential success

Attorney to Hannity: 'You've created a monster' with Ben Carson
Heather from Crooks and Liars commends talk show host and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell for calling out Hannity on his support for Ben Carson

Cruelest month - for taxpayers
RightWingNews blogger Debra Saunders says that "every day is April Fool's Day" during National Financial Capability Month

Limbaugh: Gay NFL players will distract from game
Rush Limbaugh says gay members of the NFL will cause a media frenzy that will take away from the real point of football


Ben Carson blasts 'vicious,' white liberal critics as ‘the most racist out there’
The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports on Carson's response to those who criticized him for his controversial same-sex marriage remarks

UN approval of arms trade treaty sets up Obama, Senate showdown
The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports on the arms trade treaty that President Obama is expected to sign within the next few months