Dear Senators: Stop listening to the NRA
Alec Macgillis at The New Republic says senators are getting cowed by a relatively small but influential lobbying group instead of listening to their constituents.

Obama making a stand for guns while McConnell hides behind filibuster

Crooks and Liars blogger Karoli says Obama is acting nobly on guns while Republicans are coming off as obstructionists.

Does the GOP have the votes to filibuster Reid’s gun-control bill?
Hot Air blogger AllahPundit explains why it might not be in the GOP's best interest - or even possible - to filibuster gun control legislation.

Administration's focus on cyber security and patents is backwards
Neil Stevens of Red State says that the Obama administration's America Invents Act is just a way to take money from programs that work to fund the president's "socialist" pet projects.


Obama calling senators to talk guns vote
The Hill's Amie Parnes reports on Obama's attempts to reach out to the Upper Chamber about gun legislation.

Ayotte: ‘I don’t support a filibuster’ for gun-control legislation
The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports on Sen. Kelly Ayotte's (R-N.H.) opposition to the planned gun-control legislation filibuster.