The GOP's lose-lose proposition on race
The Washington Free Beacon's Sonny Bunch thinks that Republicans will always be criticized for making concerted efforts to reach out to ethnic minorities.

Remembering Iraq's liberation without revisionism
Commentary's Michael Rubin argues that a few of the Iraq War's critics are finding fault with its positive aspects.

Americans for Tax Reform call chained CPI a middle-class tax increase
Fire Dog Lake's Jon Walker writes that some Republican opposition to chained-CPI could help protect Social Security.

The president's morning after
The American Prospect's Jaclyn Friedman discusses President Obama's predicament in deciding whether or not to abide by a court ruling that says emergency contraception must be made available over the counter and without age restrictions.


McConnell campaign says FBI has 'good leads' in bugging probe
The Senate Majority Leader's campaign office is continuing its investigation into how recordings regarding Ashley Judd were leaked from his office, The Hill's Alexandra Jaffe reports.

Man angry about regulations threatens to bomb White House
Pennsylvania native Krzystzof Wasik was arrested after telling a White House guard he had a bomb in his truck, The Hill's Julian Hattem reports.