Obama, 'leadership' and magical thinking
Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait believes that, while a divided Congress is the biggest impediment to President Obama's success, there's still more he could be doing.

Ethics problems could end Bachmann's career
Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald interviews experts who believe the questions swirling around the Minnesota congresswoman's presidential campaign could quickly become a major problem.

The stakes of being too late
The Washington Post's Michael Gerson says Syria has undermined President Obama's foreign policy doctrine of tactical timidity.

We're not all Keynesians now
The Corner's Veronique de Rugy disputes Paul Krugman's declaration that Keynesians have won the economic debate.


Battle rages over 'slaughtered in the USA' meat labels
Consumer advocates believe the White House should press forward with the labels despite the threat of trade sanctions, The Hill's Ben Goad reports.

Public hands in 371 tons of prescription drugs
The Drug Enforcement Administration collected the unused, expired and unwanted pharmaceuticals, The Hill's Julian Hattem reports.