Destabilizing Syria in the name of stability
The American Conservative's Daniel Larison describes Rebeccah Heinrichs' demand for more meddling in Syria as 'wonderfully incoherent.'

IRS scandal goes nationwide
Kaylin Bugos of The American Spectator reports on Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to make the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS a nationwide criminal investigation.

Ex-IRS Director: Tea Party groups deserved scrutiny, but IRS bungled the job
Mother Jones' Andy Kroll discusses his interview with lawyer Marcus Owens.

Notes on a trumped up scandal
The New Republic's Noam Schreiber says the only real sin the IRS committed is the sin of political incorrectness — that is, of not even pretending it needed to vet all the new groups that wanted tax-exempt status.


Obama summons top Treasury officials to discuss IRS scandal
President Obama will meet Wednesday afternoon with leaders from the Treasury Department to discuss the administration's response to the IRS scandal, reports The Hill's Justin Sink.

Senate panel to vote on arming Syrian rebels
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee panel is expected to vote next week on arming vetted Syrian rebel groups - the first time lawmakers have voted to approve arming Syrian rebels, reports The Hill's Julian Pecquet.