Republican congressmen explain why you shouldn't thank the fiscal-cliff tax hike for the falling deficit

Dave Weigel reports on House Republicans' plans for negotiating a debt ceiling increase and how the falling national deficit factors into their strategizing.

Pro-internet-tax groups get the facts wrong

At The Heritage Foundation's The Foundry blog, James Gattuso and Curtis Dubay push back on the think tank's assessment of an internet tax.

The attorney general's letter to Congress on Anwar al-Awlaki

John Bellinger at Lawfare blog reacts to Attorney General Eric Holder's letter to top Senate Judiciary Committee members on the president's drone policies.

Community organizing, ObamaCare style

Paul Mirengoff at the Power Line blog argues that oversight of "outreach" of the Obama administration's healthcare reform law appears to be highly necessary.


Issa may haul IRS's Lerner back

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) may require Lois Lerner, a top official at the IRS, to come back to testify before Issa's committee on the agency's conduct, The Hill's Bernie Becker and Peter Schroeder report.

Obama reflects on Oklahoma tornado victims during tribute to Carole King

During a tribute to singer Carole King on Wednesday, Obama paused for a moment to acknowledge the victims of a tornado that hit Oklahoma, according to The Hill's Emily Goodin.