The IRS hunger games

The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber thinks conservatives are picking on a mundane agency with too few resources.

Did a YouTube video spark Benghazi?
Kevin Drum of Mother Jones gives a brief primer on whether an Internet video of the Cairo protests sparked the Benghazi fighters.

Is the IRS the real voter suppression of 2012?
The National Review’s John Fund thinks a significant amount of political activity was curbed by fear of IRS targeting.

RIP Charlie Reese
The American Conservative’s Daniel McCarthy remembers one of the first conservative columnists to speak against Iraq.


Holder reviewing DOJ probe guidelines
The Hill’s Justin Sink reports that Attorney General Eric Holder will review Justice Department guidelines on leak investigations.

Senate lowers subsidies for wealthy farmers
The Hill’s Ramsey Cox reports that the Senate has voted to reduce crop insurance subsidies for farmers.