FreedomWorks' irresponsible counter-offense to ObamaCare
Mother Jones' Kevin Drum criticizes FreedomWorks' tactic to terminate ObamaCare by dissuading people from buying health insurance all together.

Steve King comes under fire for outlandish immigration remarks
Salon's Jillian Rayfield highlights Rep. Steve King's (R-Iowa) most bizarre quotes in a speech he gave regarding the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Obama should have "learned some lessons" from Perry about job creation
The Corner's Jack Fowler reports on a new ad put out by the Florida GOP that discredits President Obama of providing local job creation, insisting that Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) is actually responsible for the job boom.

President Obama out of ideas to fix the economy
Hot Air's Ed Morrissey notes that President Obama's Wednesday speech regarding the economy was strikingly familiar, proving that Obama is out of new ideas and has moved on to delivering "reruns."


Rep. King: "I challenge people to debate with me" regarding immigration reform 
After making controversial comments regarding a pathway to citizenship, Rep. Steve Kind (R-Iowa) challenged critics to debate him in a 20 minute speech given to the House floor on Thursday, The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz reports.

1.6 million jobs in jeopardy with continued sequestration cuts
The Hill's Erik Wasson reports on the Congressional Budget Office's prediction that an estimated 1.6 million jobs could be lost if the sequestration cuts put in place through 2014 are not canceled.