Rumsfeld hits Obama on Syria

In an interview with The Blaze, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says President Obama’s leadership in Syria is has caused the U.S. to be “almost mocked in the world.”

CNN uses caution in Navy Yard reporting

Erik Wemple of The Washington Post writes that CNN used caution before releasing the name of the Navy Yard Shooter after past mistakes.

Former Senate leaders fight for farm bill

Two former Senate Majority Leaders urge Congress to stop playing politics and pass a farm bill that does not include large cuts in food stamps. 

Political families don’t always share interests

Political family dynasties — like the Bush family and the Clintons — do not always march in lockstep, writes Rich Rubino in The Huffington Post.

Defense IG will report on Navy Yard security

Time’s Alex Rogers reports that the Defense Department’s Inspector General will soon release an audit that finds Navy Yard and other facilities relaxed security for outside contractors to reduce costs.


Daley is out

Mario Trujillo reports that Bill Daley is dropping out of the Illinois gubernatorial race.

Yellen ahead 

With Larry Summers out, Janet Yellen has become the most likely choice to head the Federal Reserve after Ben Bernanke steps down —but she is not guaranteed, Peter Schroeder reports for The Hill.