Default trumps shutdown

Andrew Taylor of The Associated Press describes the details of the aftermath of a government shutdown and a scenario where Congress fails to lift the debt ceiling.

After rally, stocks drop 

Bloomberg reports that U.S. stocks fell Thursday after spiking when the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it would not begin to slow its bond buying. 

Cruz rankles GOP

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) — leading a charge to defund ObamaCare — is a divisive figure within his own party, Robert Costa of the National Review reports.

Same company reviews Snowden, Alexis 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the same government contractor that conducted a background check on Edward Snowden also approved one for Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people in Navy Yard on Monday. 


House passes $39 billion food stamp cut

The legislation passed in a narrow vote, 217-210, with no Democratic support and 15 GOP defections, reports The Hill’s Pete Kasperowicz and Erik Wasson.

Delay's return

Former Rep. Tom Delay (R-Texas) stood on the House floor during the food stamp vote on the same day his money laundering charges from 2010 were thrown out, Emily Goodin and Russell Berman report for The Hill