The John McCainJohn Sidney McCainMcCain rips Trump for attacks on press NSA spying program overcomes key Senate hurdle Meghan McCain says her father regrets opposition to MLK Day MORE campaign attack at the media for going too soft on Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaMcCarthy: ‘No deadline on DACA’ Democrats will need to explain if they shut government down over illegal immigration Trump’s first year in office was the year of the woman MORE has unleashed the Republican's blogging backers, who take up the fight. Obama's online supporters focus on the Democrat's trip abroad and what it could mean for the United States' standing in the world. Meanwhile, as Congressional Democrats move along their housing bill, conservative bloggers wonder why Republicans haven't been able to succeed with domestic oil drilling.

Time magazine's Joe Klein is wrong to slam McCain's remark that Obama would lose the Iraq war to win an election since the Democrat has been talking about a withdrawal without victory for several years, writes RedState's Dan McLaughlin. Obama didn't make much sense when he said he would oppose the surge today even knowing what he knows now, yet the "compliant press" has failed to follow up on his comment with targeted questions, according to The Corner's Peter Kirsanow. McCain, however, has long benefited from the press, so it's "about time" that pundits turn on him, notes MyDD's Todd Beeton.

Though Obama is receiving rave reviews for his trip abroad, he and McCain have a chance to improve attitudes toward the United States and the country's national security merely by not being George W. Bush, writes The Huffington Post's Marty Kaplan. But that doesn't mean there won't be speed bumps; Obama received both cheers from the crowd and jeers from a heckler during his trip to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, reports ABC's Jake Tapper on Political Punch.

Republicans in Congress should have forced Democrats to put domestic offshore oil drilling on the table during the housing bill debate, which Democrats won without giving up much in return, writes The Corner's Andy McCarthy. Drilling is getting much support from T. Boone Pickens, the Republican donor whom the liberal The New York Times editorial board may have mistaken for an ally in the fight for renewable energy sources, Power Line's John Hinderaker writes.

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