Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaYou just can't keep good health policy down Obama Foundation announces new job training program for Chicago students Biden praises Parkland students fighting for gun reform: ‘They’re going to win’ MORE's policy shifts may have created a perception problem, according to bloggers. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainMcCain asks Trump's CIA pick to explain ties to torture Petraeus: Haspel will explain actions in nomination hearing Afghanistan is our longest war ever and Congress has abandoned all responsibility MORE and Republicans in Congress, however, won't be able to distance themselves from President Bush this year, liberal bloggers write. But the latest poll of the Democratic-led Congress gives Republicans an opening, suggests one conservative blogger.

Obama may be correctly adjusting his Iraq withdrawal plan to the facts on the ground, but it's "discordant" for him to suggest that he hasn't changed his mind at all, writes Marc Ambinder. Obama's move to the center shows that he's getting stuck in the political culture and isn't the new kind of leader that he said he would be, writes Jon Henke at The Next Right. Obama sounds like former President Richard Nixon when he makes equivocal statements about ending a war, according to Townhall's Michael Medved.

Republicans will try to put distance between Bush and McCain, perhaps by having the president speak on the first day of the Republican convention, before McCain arrives, notes SusanG at Daily Kos. But just like Bush, "McSame" has aides who say that U.S. attorneys firings were "nonsense" and were involved in the controversy themselves, writes TalkingPointsMemo's Josh Marshall. Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.), who has the reputation of being "independent," has voted 93 percent of the time with Bush, giving him a record that won't help him in his race this year, writes MyDD's Todd Beeton..

But with Congress's approval rating in the single digits, Republicans can make gains by offering optimism and reforms, such as more offshore oil drilling and an end to earmarks and higher taxes, according to Townhall's Carol Platt Liebau. House Democrats certainly aren't helping their case with open-minded, tech-savvy voters, as they're proposing that members post material only to websites that get congressional approval, RedState's Directors note.

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