With Congress away, general election chatter dominates the blogs heading into the July 4th weekend. John McCainJohn McCainTrump should apologize to heroic POWs McCain urges sports leagues to return 'paid patriotism' money Senators to Obama: Make 'timely' call on Afghan troops levels MORE made the right move in promoting veteran Republican operative Steve Schmidt to the head of his campaign, according to a conservative blogger and former GOP campaign aide. Retired Gen. Wesley Clark is being inconsistent by criticizing McCain, according to the Republican's backers online. And the suggestion that Barack ObamaBarack ObamaJohn Bolton slams Obama’s ‘shameful apology tour’ Miss. governor to join lawsuit against Obama transgender policy North Korea calls Obama’s Hiroshima trip ‘childish’ MORE has a problem now that Iraq violence has subsided doesn't hold water, according to liberal bloggers.

Schmidt should give Republicans more confidence in McCain's operation, since Schmidt helped get President Bush and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar elected, writes The Next Right's Patrick Ruffini, who also worked on Bush's 2004 campaign. Under Schmidt, decisions will be made more quickly and McCain will focus more on the economy, reports Marc Ambinder.

Clark has little standing to criticize McCain's judgment in supporting the Iraq war since Clark once supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who also backed the U.S.-led invasion, according to Townhall's Michael Medved. Recent comments by Clark about McCain's military service reminds Ruffini of the time the general pulled rank on his former rival for the presidency in 2004, Sen. John KerryJohn KerryAn all-female ticket? Not in 2016 GOP senator calls for China to crack down on illegal opioid Obamas to live in home of former Clinton press secretary: report MORE (D-Mass.), a former Navy lieutenant. But McCain is having trouble answering Clark's question about the relevance of his Vietnam service to this year's presidential campaign, writes kos, who notes that McCain got angry when asked about it.

Contrary to pundits, Obama doesn't have an "Iraq problem" since polls show that more voters are interested in bringing troops home than in winning the war, MyDD's Todd Beeton writes. Obama hasn't shifted his position on withdrawal by reserving the right to pause a troop pull-out, as his critics have suggested, since he put forth a withdrawal plan in January 2007 that allowed for such pauses, notes Josh Marshall through a video of Obama strategist David Axelrod.

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