Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaGOP lawmaker: Dems not standing for Trump is 'un-American' Forget the Nunes memo — where's the transparency with Trump’s personal finances? Mark Levin: Clinton colluded with Russia, 'paid for a warrant' to surveil Carter Page MORE's move toward the center in the general election has his staunch online supporters disappointed. His defense of his patriotism has yet to win over his conservative blogging critics, already outraged by retired Gen. Wes Clark's (D-Ark.) questioning of John McCainJohn Sidney McCainMcConnell: 'Whoever gets to 60 wins' on immigration Meghan McCain: Melania is 'my favorite Trump, by far' Kelly says Trump not likely to extend DACA deadline MORE's military service. And both Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidTo end sugar subsidies, conservatives can't launch a frontal attack House presses Senate GOP on filibuster reform A pro-science approach to Yucca Mountain appropriations MORE (D-Nev.) and House Democrats take heat from Republicans for stances on two recent topics to come before Congress, energy sources and foreign surveillance, bloggers on both sides write.

Because Obama is "cross" at Clark for raising questions about the pertinence of McCain's military service to the White House race and at, kos has decided not to give the max donation to Obama's campaign this fundraising quarter. Obama should talk more about healthcare and workers' rights, which have been liberal causes, instead of adopting the right's messages about the "dignity of work" in his new television ad, writes MyDD's Todd Beeton. The Netroots online movement may become even less enthusiastic about Obama after he criticized's "General Betray Us" ad in his speech Monday defending his patriotism, writes RedState's Pejman Yousefzadeh.

Obama and Democrats don't understand that their candidate's real problem with patriotism is that he's trying to remake the United States, a country that is already inherently "good," writes Jonah Goldberg at The Corner. Efforts to debunk those smearing Obama's patriotism are one thing, but they go too far when they dismiss Obama