With Barack Obama about to clinch a majority of pledged delegates after Tuesday's primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, pro-Obama bloggers are becoming more magnanimous toward Hillary Clinton. Obama, meanwhile, continues to take hits from the right over his position on Iran. But all bloggers are down on Republicans running for Congress this year.

Obama should win Oregon by double digits -- 13.8 percent, to be exact -- writes Poblano, whose analysis of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries was dead on. Though Obama is nearing the nomination, no one should forget Clinton's "dedication, perseverance and indefatigable drive," qualities that should make her a role model for both women and men, writes Obama supporter Arianna Huffington. They should also know that Clinton has some juice left, as she does better against John McCain than Obama does in 13 rural battleground states, according to a new poll highlighted by TalkLeft's Jeralyn.

Online supporters of McCain, however, are completely focused on weakening Obama. Though the Democrat said over the weekend that Iran "didn't pose a serious threat to us," he contradicted himself Monday by saying that he's "made it clear that the threat from Iran is grave," according to Power Line's John Hinderaker. Obama should fire his foreign policy adviser Greg Craig, since he once represented a Panamanian lawmaker whose indictment on murder charges Obama cited as a reason to vote against a free trade deal, writes RedState's Soren Dayton. And Obama's wife, Michelle, shouldn't be exempt from scrutiny, either, since she has campaigned vigorously for her husband, writes Power Line's Paul Mirengoff.


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