Democrat Travis Childers's victory in a conservative Mississippi House district Tuesday has removed any doubt among bloggers that Republicans are in trouble this year. Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonApril Ryan: 'I was in shock' Is America's military effort in the Middle East constitutional? Spicer: Trump will 'help the team' if needed in Georgia special election MORE's easy victory in Tuesday's other race, the West Virginia primary, may have little meaning to some liberal bloggers, but it suggests to conservatives that Barack ObamaBarack ObamaPaul Ryan sells out conservatives with healthcare surrender Napolitano stands by British surveillance claim in Fox News return Trump's approval rating sinks to 35 percent: poll MORE is weak. And John McCainJohn McCainGOP lawmaker calls for select committee on Russia 'Morning Joe' co-host: We got into Trump's head Senate braces for fallout over Supreme Court fight MORE's new green merchandise line has those on the right cringing.

Childers and Democrats have no business winning in a district President Bush carried by 25 percentage points in 2004, writes The Plank's Josh Patashnik. The Republican brand is in such bad shape that Democrats virtually anywhere can run candidates who seem to share positions with GOP candidates and win, according to Power Line's Paul Mirengoff. And if Republican leaders in Congress don't do something quickly, their party is headed for another round of epic losses, writes Pejman Yousefzadeh at RedState.

Both Mirengoff and Yousefzadeh acknowledge that McCain, running in this poisoned atmosphere for Republicans, faces an uphill battle against Obama. But the Arizona Republican can take solace in Obama's 41-percentage-point loss in West Virginia, which is more evidence that Obama is the weaker general election candidate than Clinton, according to RedState's Erick Erickson. Clinton and her campaign are using her lopsided win to make her case to be on the ticket in November, writes MyDD's Todd Beeton. The Plank's Patashnik writes that Obama is lucky that Clinton stuck around at least for this week; Tuesday's results, in which former candidate John Edwards picked up 7 percent of the vote, show that Obama likely would have lost West Virginia to candidates not running if Clinton had dropped out, according to the blogger.

Conservatives bloggers save some of their fire for McCain's climate change speech, in which the Republican accepts that man helped cause global warming. Perhaps McCain, instead of preparing for the Oval Office, can run an honorable campaign loved by the media that results in an offer to become the Secretary of the Interior in the new administration, writes The Corner's Andy McCarthy. McCain may be trying to show himself to be more enlightened than the average Republican, but he's also giving conservatives an excuse to blame him if he loses in November, according to Scott Johnson at Power Line.

The personalities of Capitol Hill's most powerful players also get some press. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the subject of a recent glowing New York Times profile, is lauded by one Republican for single-handedly raising the public discourse in a post by The Plank's Eve Fairbanks. And Swampland's Ana Marie Cox deconstructs senators' responses to the question of whether they would accept an offer to become a vice presidential nominee, which appeared in The Hill. According to Cox, Sen. Sherrod BrownSherrod BrownSenate Dems call for investigation of acting SEC chair Dems wait for GOP olive branch after ObamaCare debacle Path to 60 narrows for Trump pick MORE (D-Ohio) showed the most interest in becoming a running mate, while Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) showed the least.

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