Bloggers begin the last big Democratic primary day with a pair of exclusives that raise questions about Hillary Clinton's viability in North Carolina and John McCain's Republican loyalties.

It's "Danger Day" for Hillary Clinton, according to Drudge Report, which speaks to a "top campaign official" who worries that Clinton will lose by 15 points to Barack Obama in North Carolina. The flash, however, also notes that the campaign team is working to lower expectations. But Clinton-supporter Jerome Armstrong sees hope for Clinton in both primaries Tuesday, as she's been able to pick up undecided voters in the final days of recent contests.

Obama backers need to remember that the contest isn't over yet, since both candidates need the superdelegates, reminds Armstrong's colleague Todd Beeton. kos counters Clinton's electability argument by noting polls showing Obama would have fewer states to defend and more states he could capture. One of those superdelegates, John Edwards, told People magazine that he and his wife won't endorse during the primary and that they like Clinton's tenacity and Obama's call for change but dislike her "old politics" and his lack of substance.

In the other big exclusive of primary day, Arianna Huffington reports that McCain once told her he didn

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