On the Monday after the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, the political press gets a grilling from the blogosphere.

Liberal bloggers pick up on the report that John McCainJohn McCainCongress needs to support the COINS Act GOP’s message on ObamaCare is us versus them Frustrated Dems say Obama botched Russia response MORE rides a corporate jet his wife's company helps pay for. Firedoglake's Attaturk questions why reporters didn't reveal his mode of transport earlier. McCain, after all, had told David Letterman that he had traveled coach when flying after his campaign nearly tanked last year, the blogger notes. MyDD's Jonathan Singer cites that report plus McCain's support of Republican tax cuts for the wealthy in trying to undermine McCain's remark that Barack ObamaBarack ObamaInspector general report: Park Service did not change records of crowd size at inauguration Feehery: Medicaid reform opening Pro-Trump group blasts 'rigged' Russia probe in ad starring Tomi Lahren MORE is insensitive to poor people. Singer says that Democrats would welcome a debate on the topic.

The conservative bloggers at The Corner look at the lasting influence of Rev. Jeremiah Wright on the campaign. Kathryn Jean Lopez calls CNN the "Yes We Can Network" after it twice shows a less controversial speech given by Wright. Byron York, meanwhile, cites his conversation with a McCain aide who gives him the impression that McCain will stay away from bringing up Wright in the general election, leaving those attacks to third-party conservative groups and other Republicans.

On the left, bloggers are miffed about Obama's appearance on Fox News Sunday. Matt Stoller writes that it was a mistake to endorse Obama, since his campaign had said that he had was going on the show to "take on" the network. Stoller, who calls himself an Obama supporter, writes that the campaign lied and that Obama is "untrustworthy."

In Congress, legislators hope to clear up McCain's eligibility for the presidency, reports Carl Hulse at The Caucus. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone while his father was stationed with the Navy there. That shouldn't disqualify McCain from being able to win the White House, say senators from both parties. Looking to congressional campaigns, Matt Lewis at Townhall.com urges conservatives not to forget Woody Jenkins, the Republican who faces a tough run-off against Democrat Don Cazayoux in a conservative Louisiana district.

While the reviews for the media are less than stellar Monday, bloggers did find something to like in Craig Ferguson's address at the White House reporters' annual dinner, held Saturday. Still, the party was held in D.C. and involved journalists and politics, not a great mix for a bash, reminds Time's Michael Scherer.

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