As another week of Iraq hearings on the Hill draws to a close, bloggers are again analyzing the presidential horse race and attacking the candidates they oppose. Conservative bloggers take note of the new AP-Ipsos poll showing a tie race between John McCainJohn Sidney McCainRubio asks Army to kick out West Point grad with pro-communist posts The VA's woes cannot be pinned on any singular administration Overnight Defense: Mattis offers support for Iran deal | McCain blocks nominees over Afghanistan strategy | Trump, Tillerson spilt raises new questions about N. Korea policy MORE and Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaAll five living former presidents to attend hurricane relief concert Overnight Health Care: Schumer calls for tying ObamaCare fix to children's health insurance | Puerto Rico's water woes worsen | Dems plead for nursing home residents' right to sue Interior moves to delay Obama’s methane leak rule MORE. Vice President Dick Cheney revisited the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. And both conservatives and liberals are skeptical of McCain's housing proposal and the likelihood that he will choose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

The new poll shows both Obama and McCain at 45 percent. California Yankee at RedState finds more bad news for Obama in the poll's crosstabs, which show the Democrat losing ground among several key voting blocs, including women, independents and people without a college education. Cheney, in an interview with Sean Hannity, brought up one of the reasons why Obama's lead over McCain may have dissipated, The Caucus's Sarah Wheaton reports. Cheney said that Wright, Obama's pastor, made comments that were "absolutely appalling." But the vice president, a very distant cousin of Obama's, did not weigh in on how Obama handled criticism for his ties to Wright.

Both The Corner's Stephen Spruiell and YA at TalkingPointsMemo knock McCain's proposal for an expanded government effort to help homeowners hurt by the subprime mortgage crisis. Spruiell notes that taxpayers will be on the hook if a borrower defaults on the government-backed mortgages McCain has proposed. Spruiell agrees with Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonChris Murphy’s profile rises with gun tragedies DNC, RNC step up cyber protections Gun proposal picks up GOP support MORE's criticism of McCain for first opposing any government intervention and then embracing a "half-hearted" version of the Democrat's housing plans. YA reminds TPM readers that McCain had suggested two weeks ago that borrowers could have avoided trouble if they had just better managed their budgets and scuttled vacation plans.

The Corner's Rich Lowry and Open Left's Chris Bowers find more cross-blog agreement over Rice as a vice presidential candidate. Lowry writes that Rice isn't likely to join McCain on the ticket because she would remind voters of the Bush administration's failed strategy in Iraq. Bowers argues that it's impossible for Rice to become a veep candidate, since she's an essential participant in the Israel-Palestinian peace process that the Bush administration hopes to restart.

Discussion over the Iraq war in Congress lingers on a couple of blogs. John Mirengoff at Power Line notes that Gen. David Petraeus, in a news conference after this week's congressional hearings, didn't rule out cooperation between radical Sunnis and radical Shiites, something that war critics have assumed doesn't happen. And MyDD's Todd Beeton praises newly installed Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), who demanded that the United States start withdrawing troops from Iraq in her first speech on the House floor.

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