Debate over whether the fight between Democrats Barack ObamaBarack ObamaDems discuss dropping Wasserman Schultz Mellman: Parsing the polls LA mayor: 'Donald Trump will not win California' MORE and Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonWarren: Trump was ‘drooling’ over housing crash Dems discuss dropping Wasserman Schultz Santorum endorses Trump after 'long heart-to-heart' MORE will pull their party apart before November is driving talk on conservative and mainstream media blogs on Friday.

Both Pejman Yousefzadeh at RedState and Carol Platt Liebau at find some pleasure in a recent Gallup poll showing large swaths of Obama and Clinton supporters voting for Republican John McCainJohn McCainMellman: Parsing the polls GOP seeks to remove funding to design Gitmo alternative Big-name donors join Trump fundraising team MORE if their favored candidate doesn't win the Democratic presidential nomination. Liebau, however, cautions readers to remember that Republicans went through their own bruising nomination fight before picking a winner in McCain, who emerged intact.

Chris Cillizza writes there's a good chance Democrats will rally behind their party's candidate come November. Marc Ambinder breaks down the Democratic demographics most likely to defect: conservatives and independents. And Mark Halperin notes that Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean went on morning network shows to warn that bickering could harm his party.

Liberal blogs are focused on Iraq and McCain. Josh Marshall writes that Iraq is "teetering," with government forces struggling in their attempted crackdown of Shiite militias. Several blogs, meanwhile, were forced to run corrections after linking to a Think Progress post that mistakenly claimed McCain plagiarized Adm. Timothy Ziemer's speech in his own foreign policy speech this week. The McCain campaign pointed out that the senator uttered the lines in question before the admiral did.

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