Conservative bloggers have jumped all over a story alleging Saddam Hussein paid for three House Democrats to visit Iraq during the run-up to war. Hot Air blogger Ed Morrissey simply states, "let's just say that the optics on this story will not help Democrats." Power Line blogger Paul is calling it the "oil-for-stooges deal."

Liberal blogs have yet to mount a defense to the story as they are spending their time going after each other.

Obama supporters have come out in force against the letter sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi from Clinton fundraisers. Huffington Post blogger Oliver Willis calls the letter "symptomatic" of the "negative that came along with the all the good President Clinton did." Mathew Yglesias writes the letter "reenforces the case that he Clintons and their close allies are selfish people willing and ready to destroy the party in order to maintain control over it."

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