The only Jewish Republican in Congress pressured President Barack Obama to veto any "biased" U.N. resolutions in response to an Israeli military attack on a flotilla.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) pushed for Obama to exercise the veto power the United States enjoys as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council to nix a resolution that chastises Israel's military incident Monday involving a flotilla, or group of small boats, trying to access Gaza in spite of a blockade.

"As information continues to filter in, I urge the President and his administration to continue to gather all the facts, and if necessary, to veto any biased U.N. resolutions reining in Israel’s right to defend itself," Cantor said Tuesday in a statement.

The Security Council might take up a resolution that could condemn Israel's actions. The military engaged the flotilla after warning aid groups last month that an attempt to penetrate the blockade could result in use of force. Amateur videos of the conflict depict force being used on both sides.

The incident resulted in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu having to cancel a planned meeting on Tuesday with Obama, to be rescheduled at an indefinite time in the future.

While the administration has said it is waiting for all the facts of the incident to emerge before drawing any conclusions, Cantor said that the U.N. itself was rushing to judgment and assuming the worst about Israel.

"Before predictably rushing to level hyperbolic accusations at Israel, it’s important for the United Nations to consider all the facts surrounding this incident," he said.