Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) picked up insurance on her push to end secret holds in the Senate after another GOP colleague signed onto her effort.

McCaskill said she had 68 votes to end the longstanding practice of senators placing anonymous holds on presidential nominees after Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) signed her letter pledging to end the tactic.

The Missouri senator tweeted Tuesday:

We're on a roll! Now have 68 Senators supporting the end of secret holds. Thanks Sen Crapo, who signed on today.That's 56 Ds,10 Rs, & 2 Is.

McCaskill also announced on Twitter over the weekend that she had secured the necessary votes to change the Senate rules to end the practice. 67 votes are needed to change a Senate rule.

McCaskill told TalkingPointsMemo on Monday evening that she'll testify on her effort before the Senate Rules Committee next year, which would report the change to the entire body, giving the Senate the chance to vote to end secret holds "in the next few weeks."