President Barack Obama urged all Americans on Friday to be tested for HIV.

Obama released a statement this afternoon marking National HIV Testing Day on Sunday, and encouraged people to get tested to learn their HIV status, the virus that contributes to AIDS.

"As we mark this day, I would like to renew my call for all Americans to help reduce the risk of infection by getting tested for HIV and learning their HIV status," Obama said in a statement.

"And research shows that people who know their status take better care of themselves and take steps to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to others," he added. "That is why it is so important that people get tested."

Obama noted the advances in research and treatment of HIV and AIDS since the late 1980s and early 1990s, when AIDS was highly stigmatized and seen as an almost-certain death sentence.

He also called on philanthropic and faith-based groups, among other groups, to get involved in helping to fight AIDS.

"[A]ll of us have a responsibility to reduce our risk and know our status, to continue to support those already affected by this disease, and to fight the stigma and discrimination people still face," he said. "So on this National HIV Testing Day, let us all recommit to do our part to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS."

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