The National Bar Association, a leading organization of African-American lawyers and judges, endorsed Elena Kagan Monday afternoon, citing her "exemplary legal acumen," "professional reputation" and "diverse legal background." The group had previously refused to endorse Kagan because of what it called "insufficient information" about her views. 

Kagan earned the support of the NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund on May 15 and June 25, respectively.

NBA President Mavis T. Thompson said that while the group deemed Kagan "qualified" for the Supreme Court, the solicitor general does not have an established "record of vigorously applying the law to uphold civil rights and personal freedoms." 

"Our expectations are that Ms. Kagan's views on civil rights and equal justice will become apparent during the confirmation hearings," Thompson said.

Kagan's confirmation hearings will continue through the week. She is expected to win confirmation in July by a comfortable margin.