A top gun control advocacy group has endorsed the nomination of Elena Kagan.

The Brady Center to End Gun Violence issued a statement Thursday urging senators to confirm the solicitor general to the Supreme Court.

Center President Paul Helmke said the group was "encouraged" by Kagan's work on gun control issues in the Clinton White House, as well as her comments on 2nd amendment decisions during her confirmation hearings.

"Her testimony has provided ample reason to think that she will interpret and apply the Second Amendment consistent with the urgent need to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people," Helmke said.

Though Kagan acknowledged during questioning this week that two controversial SCOTUS decisions, including District of Columbia v. Heller, striking down gun laws were now "settled law," Helmke saw encouraging signs in her reference to past opinions.

"It is true, as nominee Kagan says, that Heller is the law of the land," Helmke said. "However, as she also noted, [U.S. vs. Miller] was the acknowledged law of the land for seventy years before Heller." 

The NRA released a statement Thursday officially opposing Kagan's confirmation.