Boehner fires back at Obama in video

House Republican leader Rep. John Boehner (Ohio) is hitting back at President Barack Obama after the president criticized him for comparing the financial crisis to an “ant.”

In a new video posted online, Boehner suggests Obama should be focused on solving the nation’s myriad problems rather than attacking him. “Mr. President, what about the country?” Boehner asks in the video, which intersperses lines from Obama’s speech last week in Racine, Wisc., with questions from the Republican leader.

“Why aren’t you focused on cutting spending now? ... Why isn’t the president focused on creating jobs that the American people are asking for?” Boehner asks.

As both parties gear up for the midterm campaign season, Democrats are trying to exploit gaffes by Boehner, GOP chairman Michael Steele, and Rep. Joe Barton (Tex.) to paint Republicans as out-of-touch and in disarray. Republicans, meanwhile, are highlighting sustained unemployment and weak jobs reports to argue that Democratic policies, like the $787 billion economic stimulus package, have failed.

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