House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Thursday that Democrats are in a “full-scale civil war” after White House spokesman Robert Gibbs acknowledged his party might lose the House in November.

The top-ranking House Republican told reporters “the panic that’s building among Democrats erupted into a full-scale civil war when the president’s spokesman suggested his party could lose control of the House this fall.”

But Boehner blames Democrats for passing President Obama’s unpopular government programs, including the economic stimulus bill last year.

“House Democrats are angry because they see the White House throwing them under the bus, but let’s not forget that House Democrats gave President Obama every dollar, every tax hike, every stimulus program and every government takeover that he asked for. The only thing that the American people asked the Democrats to do was to say no and yet, they didn’t,” Boehner contended.

A Democratic operative with the party's campaign arm threw Boehner's contention of a civil war back in the GOP leader's face. 

“This is completely laughable coming from John Boehner, who has to look over his shoulder every day at Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan running a shadow leadership operation to undermine him," Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Ryan Rudominer said referring to the soon-to-be-released book, "Young Guns" co-authored by the three GOP rising stars. 

Cantor has denied any attempt to undermine Boehner, however.