President Barack Obama on Tuesday hailed as "bipartisan" the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote to advance Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination. 

Only one Republican senator on the panel, Lindsey Graham (S.C.), voted for her. The committee sent her nomination to the Senate floor on a 13-6 vote. 

"Today’s vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee is a bipartisan affirmation of her strong performance during her confirmation hearings," Obama said in a statement. "I want to thank the Judiciary Committee for giving her a thorough, timely and respectful hearing, and I look forward to the full Senate taking up and voting on this nomination before the August recess."

Most Republicans argued Kagan let her liberal politics supersede her judicial impartiality on the bench. They also questioned Harvard Law School's policy limiting campus military recruitment during her tenure as dean. 

Kagan is expected to be confirmed by the full Senate later this month. 

"Elena Kagan is one of this country’s leading legal minds and has shown throughout this process that, if confirmed, she would be a fair and impartial Supreme Court Justice who understands how decisions made by the Court affect the lives of everyday Americans," Obama said.