Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) dismissed on Thursday as a “distraction” reports that he might face a challenge next year for the top GOP spot on the House Financial Services Committee. 

Bachus, who’s led the committee’s Republicans through an unsuccessful battle to defeat Wall Street reform legislation, said he wasn’t concerned with defending his top committee position.

“That’s just a distraction. Articles like that are almost a dime a dozen,” Bachus said of a report suggesting that several other members of the Financial Services committee have begun jockeying for the ranking member position, which could be a chairmanship if Republicans retake the House majority this fall. 

“I want to continue to focus on policy. If you have sound policy and a sound approach, the politics will take care of themselves,” Bachus said. “My focus can’t be on retaining the chairmanship or my own personal benefit. It has to be on the good of the country.”

Bachus seemed unwilling to adapt his approach to an impending chairmanship battle, saying he was unconcerned with defending his position. 

“And I have been criticized for focusing too much on the policy, and not on the politics, but I think I’m not going to change the way I approach my chairmanship,” he said. “As I say, my concern is not the chairmanship next year. These articles do create uncertainty, but I’m not worried about that.”